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...so far, in the dreaded process of transferring my sprawling archives of 6+ years of eclectic, self-taught sitebuilding over to Hawk Host, and fixing all the hundreds of links throughout, it's turning out to be as close to "fun" as it ever could be :D I'd forgotten what a functioning control panel was like, ever since my old webhost got bought out by Jumpline and they switched it from the plain but functional interface we had to something that was glossy and buggy and provided nothing but endless time-outs and non-information.

Note: Jumpline is the kiss of death for every webhost they've ever acquired, according to multiple sources, it wasn't just Digitalspace they broke when they touched it - just google "Jumpline sucks" for plenty of bad experiences of all kinds. Telling me I could buy and install my own program to replicate the stats etc that they destroyed :confused: was just one tiny bit of the problem.

The only reason I hung on for so long hoping they'd get better was that I'd been with them so long, and moving to them the first time, after ATT destroyed all the links on my original personal site, had been such a horrible process and caused link rot problems - plus the fear of going through it all over AGAIN after moving and finding out that things weren't good, like happened to one acquaintance of mine with HostGator not too long ago - that it took major billing errors and serial CS dissing :mad: to push me over the edge. This is how it is for a lot of us, I gather, but I wish I'd found out about Hawk Host sooner.

If I could have had my old basic stats/manager setup back, I would have been a happy camper. C-Panel, however, is like getting an upgrade to first class on the Queen Mary! It's like, Hot damn, I don't have to go to a different program to check my email? I can get all of this critical info on the same page? The FTP/File Manager stuff actually WORKS? All for an even lower price than I was paying for crappy service and less space?! (I kept rubbing my eyes and making sure that it was GB, not 100s of MBs, because I just couldn't believe it.)

So far, everything is living up to the pre-sales experience I had of fast, clear answers from Tony, and I forsee a long happy stay with Hawk Host given the miserable process of reconstructing a large, messy website doesn't have me pulling my hair out yet! I will certainly be recommending this outfit in the future, the way I did for Digitalspace back these many years.

(Just please don't ever sell to Jumpline--! :cool: )

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(Just please don't ever sell to Jumpline--! :cool: )

I'm on the phone right now working out the final details on a sale to them

Almost got you right :P

But seriously glad you're liking cPanel and I hope you get everything figured out with your site.

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Ha ha, just don't work too hard & get burned out - let us know & someone can take up the slack b4 you have to run away & sell to Jumpline or the Russian mafia (not really a joke, the people who bought my bloghost are kinda sketchy that way... :eek: )

But seriously, not only is Cpanel working great to make everything easier (like the ability to make code changes w/o having to change file on local system, then FTP upload, then refresh, rinse, repeat) but also the long process of uploading all my big graphics files visitor freebies (about 100mb) went with no timeouts or hiccups which means a robust system. Very impressed by that (& could get used to it... :D) Plus changing the .htaccess file went w/o a hitch - something that's always scared me made easy by Cpanel, again.

So, very pleased & thanks again for being a mature webhost - one for grownups that takes the business side of it seriously w/o being too serious! :)

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