Jupiter Bad Blocks + Firmware Upgrade [06/15/2009]


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Today Monday June 15th we're going to be taking the Jupiter server off line for about 10 minutes to upgrade the raid card firmware in order to hopefully solve some lingering issues with the raid controller. As it stands the raid is reporting bad blocks on one of the drives which means the drive is bad. We usually replace drives and move on but the firmware of the raid card is quite out of date and we're hoping upgrading it will solve some issues we've had with drives not being dropped from the array.

We will be doing this maintenance as soon as possible and it'll require about 10 minutes of down time to complete. We're very sorry about the short notice but we do not wish to leave the drive sitting with bad blocks in the array. As a result we want to upgrade the firmware as well to minimize some risks the older firmware poses for the rebuild process.

Date: 06/15/2009

Start time (EST): ?

End time (EST): ?

Duration: 10 minutes

Estimated Down Time: 10 minutes

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