Seattle Network Routing Anomalies [05/25/2009]


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This has already happened but we did not pick up on it as there was no actual down time so we were not aware of any issues as we had also not had any users contact us about problems. There is still news to post so here's the information that has already been posted:

Date: Monday, May 25th, 2009 (05.25.2009)

Start time (CDT): 12:00

Services Affected: SEA01 Public / Private

Device: TSN Network

Location: sea01

Duration: Emerging Issue

Description: The Datacenter Emergency Response Team is currently working on the issue affecting network connectivity. Engineers have located the problem and are currently working to resolve the issue. At this time, no ETA has been determined for service restoration. As resolution nears, details surrounding the service interruption will be posted inside the public and private portals. We appreciate your continued support. An official RFO will be available after complete resolution and post mortem meetings have concluded.

-- Update 12:15 PM CDT --

We've determined that our Dallas to Seattle 10G circuit has been cut. This cut has also taken down our connectivity to a number of carriers in the Seattle facility (Verio, Level 3, Comcast, and the SIX fabric). Due to the sudden cut to all carriers involved, customers would have noticed a longer than average reroute time as all these providers must update their routing tables. This would have effected connectivity from Dallas and WDC to Seattle as well.

-- Update 12:30 PM CDT --

Connectivity to Seattle from our other datacenters has been corrected. We're still working with providers to resolve the circuit cuts; however, as the case with any physical fiber cut, this could take time. If you're still experiencing issues, please open a ticket to have them looked at.

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