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the domain: 
hosted on your servers is involved in a mass scale spread of mall ware, it abuses a vulnerability in windows media player DRM to trick the user to download and then forces the install of a remote control bot,  mallware and adware automatic forced installer under  the guise that their movie is not working because of missing codecs, this is CRITICAL, the guys involved with this are abusing many hosts and have many domains for this operation, test the links yourself.... millions of windows machines already under control. 
This is clearly against your terms of service, legal action is already under way, I highly suggest this account be banned completely along with 
any other accounts using the same or similar page on your servers...
Failure to comply will result in your assisting of this operation having now been given official notice when this case goes to court. 
Sean McCann 
Director + 
Anti Mallware, Fraud detection and Anti Fraud Implementation Developer 
AJS Marketing and Media 
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All abuse issues are handled through our abuse team and spamming every forum or any other contact of ours is not going to get anything done quicker.  I removed mentions of the site in question and your contact info.  It's also worth noting the site you were complaining about is no longer even hosted by us.

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