Washington DC Location Outage [05/09/08]


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At approximately 6:55 AM EDT, Datacenter Engineers were alerted to connectivity issues within our WDC01 network. After our initial investigation, it was determined that FCR01.WDC01 had suffered a software crash and had to be reloaded. Once the router stabilized at 7:21 EDT, Datacenter Engineers determined that the best course of action was to upgrade the router to the latest IOS and perform another reload at 7:41 EDT. Connectivity was fully restored at 7:47am EDT and no other service interruption is expected.

During the course of this event, customers would have seen intermitting connectivity and packet loss to servers connected behind FCR01.WDC01. Customers behind other FCR routers would not have been effected. At this time, all connectivity has been restored to the effected network segments.

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