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I am trying to open a new shared hosting plan and looking at various hosting sites and have some questions regarding hawkhost offering.

1) Does hawkhost offer free tools to build a website?
2) Is the 3GB disk limit apply to only the website files or for email as well?
3) Do you backup the website periodically or is it completely up to me to back it up?
4) Do you mirror image the website in more than one data center web server or across data centers?
5) Your basic plan has a $3.29 price per month if paid for the entire year. Is that the same price for renewals after the first year?

What are your support hours? Your physical address shows a location in Ontorio, Canada but I could not reach either the sales, support or general questions on multiple attempts today (Friday business hours). Each time it went to a voice mail. Is that the norm or an exception (i hope)?

Appreciate if I can get clarifications.



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Thanks for checking out our hosting services! As far as your questions:


1) We have RvSiteBuilder available or you can sign up for one of our professional site builder plans at http://www.hawkhost.com/sitebuilder -- There are also a number of options available through Softaculous to help build your site.


2) The disk space limit applies to the entire account. That can be disk space used by files, emails, images, etc.


3) We take a backup of your account once a day and we retain backups for 7 days.


4) We do not offer replication/mirroring across multiple locations.


5) The price of your renewal will not change after the first year unless you used a one time coupon when signing up.


Our support (email/helpdesk) is available 24/7/365 through https://support.hawkhost.com. Our phone support is available on a call back basis.

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