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You have suspended my account after sending notice emails to my spam mail, and like everyone else hardly check those. So I don’t think it’s fair. I emailed you RE phishing as Google had alerted me and the next thing I know I am waking up to a suspended holding page – which I found very upsetting! Why was I not made aware BEFORE you suspended my account? Didn’t it look strange that I am sending you tickets about this and not replying to your notice emails? Yes I understand the TOS but I myself would have liked to have known something was going on and that I was going to be suspended.

I had no idea what was going on.


Please respond to my tickets ASAP as this is going to really damage my community and i want to get it fixed or have my data back.  I hope I am not going to have to pay to get my account/data back – since I had no idea what was going on as I wasn’t informed.

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While I don't want to reveal too many details about your situation publicly, your account was found to be involved in a phishing attack which is a very serious abuse issue and one we need to act on immediately. Unfortunately in those cases we don't have the luxury of affording you time to fix the issue, access to the website(s) involved needs to be disabled ASAP.


It looks like we've been in touch via ticket and have already begun the process of restoring your account + securing it.


Edit: Just one final point. You mentioned emails from us were going into your spam folder, I'd suggest whitelisting with your email provider so that doesn't happen in the future.

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