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I am designing my site using HTML4. I have set a base URL of

When I mouse over hyperlinks on my home page to attempt to go to another page of my site, the status bar shows the URL as

but I get a path error. Yes, the newpage.html is in the public_html directory.

I originally had the base URL set as but that didn't work and I noticed that the control panel added the home/username to the path it was uploading to so I thought I had found the problem. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

What am I missing? Dave

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I imagine the software you're using when they say base url they're talking about it as the url of the site. So you'd want just / or blank or whatever it is to make so it's nothing. Then you just upload your files to the public_html folder as you have.

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So the correct path to the public_html would include the home/username as in I am not sure I am using the correct path to get to my public_html directory.

I am new at web site programming but from what I have read, the title gets a base URL with the path to the public_html directory on the website and then anywhere you want to call up a sub-directory within the public_html directory, you create a href link file and it points to the public_html. Do I understand this correctly?


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You're completly incorrect the base url is just nothing.

/home/username/public_html is where your site starts serving files. So if you upload a file there is goes to . It does not go to

So say you upload two files index.html and page.html to your public_html folder and wanted to link from index.html to page.html your href would just be page.html. It would not have any extra paths or anything like that

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