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I've recently moved to HH an old web directory but got an issue with captcha. By some reason a simple captcha from Submit page stopped working (numerals not showing). The directory script is rather old but it works normally on other hosts. Possibly the reason is an other version of PHP or MySQL at HH. If you got the same problem or have any idea what it can be please help.    


The problem can be seen here:


The picture should contain 4 numerals, like, 1234 or 0987. Now numerals gone and when you want to submit page you get a message "The number displayed on the picture has not been entered correctly". 


Thank you.


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Thank you, I have switched to 5.2 but it did not work.


At the moment script works normally at other host with PHP 5.3.22., Apache ver. 2.2.23, MySQL version 5.1.70-cll


Now at HH: Apache version 2.2.24, MySQL version 5.5.32-cll


The issue may be related to Apache or MySQL versions.

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