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On the main HawkHost web page: http://www.hawkhost.com/


There is a horizontal row of links at the top of the page, which include links to the forum, blog, and client area.



On the main forum page: http://forums.hawkhost.com/


There is a link for a calendar that yields an error message, but no handy link to the blog, client area, or back to the main HawkHost page.



On the blog page: http://blog.hawkhost.com/


There are two links at the top of the page, for the blog, itself, and an About page. There's a link to the forum, over on the right hand side, but no link to the main HawkHost page or the clinet area.


Has anyone on the HawkHost end considered greater uniformity for the basic links that I listed? From a user standpoint, I think that it's more user-friendly. The links on the top of the blog page caught my eye well before the ones on the side.


When exploring the web world of HawkHost, it's currently a little tedious to look the common links up manually, I think that adding a few links on the pages in question would rendered a more integrated feel to the site, overall.


Just a suggestion.




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What I have noticed ages ago which does mildly bug me from time to time is that the links on the main websites changes depending what page you are on.


On the home page and client area, the links top right are "Client Area - Contact Us - Forums - Blog"


On the webhosting page or any page other than the home page or client area, the links are "Client Area - Contact Us - Blog - Network"


It makes it harder to get to the forum if you are viewing an internal page of the website as I typically use te link at the top to go between the main website and the forum.

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