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I just wanted to check how migration requests work.


After opening a new account (order number 4560186993), I submitted a ticket by choosing the "Account Transfers" option a few hours ago, but I was a bit surprised not to get an automatic email back with a ticket number. After a while, I submitted another ticket (assuming I must have done something wrong), but still didn't get an automated email back.


Do migration requests get handled differently to regular support tickets, e.g. manual handling rather than being set up automatically with a ticket number?


I'm OK to wait as I realise it's outside regular hours for you guys, but I just want to make sure that my request has actually been received?

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You should definitely be getting an email back with a confirmation / ticket ID. I looked up your account and see you have two tickets submitted to our support department but none in account transfers.


I'm pretty sure I know what happened to cause this issue (nothing you can fix / nothing you did wrong) but in the mean time, please submit a ticket to our support department and just include the migration details in that ticket. We'll need the old hosts control panel URL, your login details, and any special instructions.


Sorry about the issues!

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Thanks for the reply.


It's all sorted now, and the migration is currently in progress.


I'm told that the original migration request was received, but there was a delay passing it to support to be actioned.


Maybe this is something you could take a look at? Unlike the other tickets I've raised (which were dealt with impressively quickly), the ticket for a transfer request wasn't acknowledged automatically, so I was left in the dark. It would be better if these tickets could also be acknowledged automatically, so at least you know the request has been received.


It also means my e-commerce website was unnecessarily left closed for more than 12 hours, losing income, because I didn't want people placing orders (and updating the database at my old host) while a migration was possibly in progress. I guess I should have realised something wasn't right when I didn't get an immediate acknowledgement back, so it's partly my fault for not following up sooner with a regular support ticket.


Despite this hiccup, I'm happy with the service so far, and hopeful that it will be much better than my old host, so thanks for getting it all sorted for me :-)

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