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Could someone explain the finer details importing a Wordpress blog to my website please?

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I'm new at website building and clueless. I have no HTML or CSS knowledge.

I have a free Wordpress blog with I want to host on my own website and also wish to create a art gallery page on my site and page for my affiliate zazzle store. I'm trying to do this myself as I can't afford to pay for help. But I'm struggli g to get my head around things.

I've spent the last few days struggling to get to grips with RVsitebuilder.... Only to realise I can't figure out how to change the header image once I've created my own DIY template and think I have to start from scratch again. But now I've noticed the Wordpress icon in Cpanel and realise it's not a part of RVsitebuilder.....

So before I continue to make make more hashed up messes of my website and put more hours of effort to potentially waste..

If I use that import Wordpress thing under I think it's softaclous? Will that over write every page and code I've built in RVSitebuilder? Or will it only import the written part of the blog to one page? Or will just import every page on my Wordpress blog to a specific page or the entire site? I just don't get how it works.



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