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I have searched all through the forums here, but can't seem to find a solid answer to several questions I had.

I'll try to explain my questions with the following scenario:

Say that I have 2 hosting accounts - account 1 is semi-dedicated and account 2 is a reseller account

My main domain ( is hosted on account 1 and is a fairly resource-intensive site.

I decide that I want account 2 (reseller) to be hosted under the subdomain of my main domain as

Some time later I have 50 clients hosted on account 2. Each client is hosted in the format of,, etc. down to (assuming they all own their own domain names).

My first question is would it matter or be better to have the hosted reseller accounts as subfolders such as,, etc. or in the subdomain format.

Secondly, will having all of these subdomains or subfolders hosted on account 2 affect any kind of speed or performance to my main website on account 1 or the clients accounts on account 2? Overall, is it best when setting up a clients account to have it as a subdomain and set up the DNS for their domain?

Not sure if that really made any sense, but I didn't know how else to explain it.


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