Automated SiteMap generator/submitter? Any suggestions?


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   I am using shared-hosting and looking for an automated sitemap generator/sumbittor. My site will contain sub-sites and add-on domains with different apps. So, plug-ins to script-based apps (such as Wordpress or PHPForum) are not the solution.

  Since shared hosting has no access to the webserver, any sitemap that is script-based (such as the Google tool) that requires access to the server will fail install.

   I don't see any such tools in cPanel, so I guess none are installed.

   Is there any consensus "out-there" as to what works that can be automated and installed in this scenario?

  Suggestions *very* much appreciated.


PS.: yes, I am cheap, so external, paid-for services, are a no-no due to budget reasons.

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I really can't think of any service that would do this.  It really seems like you might be best to install one for each application then combine the data into one single sitemap file.  It's not ideal but when you're on a budget it is a good way to do it cheap.

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