erorr estabilishing a database connection


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Need more specifics:


1) What application are you using, WordPress, something else?

2) How did you set up your website?

3) Can you show us the exact error message?  Give a URL? Screenshot?

4) Has the site been running for awhile and then started doing this? Or is this a brand new setup?

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if this guy was having the same error i was just having, none of the replies above would've aided in the support of being unable to connect to the MySQL server. Why? Because (like i said, IF this guy was having the same error i was just having) it wasn't an issue with a script or something the user (me) did to the script or anything in cpanel, it was an issue of HawkHost's MySQL server being down. 


Fortunately it wasn't down for long (half hour maybe?), and all is well on my end, hopefully this guy's end too.

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