Yoda Drive Failure [03/21/2008]


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One of the drives on the raid-10 array of Yoda has failed. This was causing large amounts of i/o wait on the node as the drive had not yet been dropped. Once the drive was dropped from the raid array due to inconsistencies the i/o wait has come back down.

We are already preparing to replace the bad drive as our machines support hot-swap which means we can replace the drive on the fly. We do not have a time as of yet as we're in the process of coordinating with datacenter staff.

We will update this thread once we have an exact time on when the bad drive is being replaced.

Date: 03/21/2008

Start time (EST): 10:00pm EST

End time (EST): Ongoing

Estimated Down Time: None

Duration: Unknown

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It just finished rebuilding things should be getting back to normal load wise now. There were a few spikes near the end of the rebuild. There was not much we could do about it as keeping data safe out ways a few minutes of less then stellar performance.

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