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on 17th May 2013 I received email from Hawkhost regarding email abuse (spam)

Then I reply & requesting explanation what types of email are considered as spam, or how often we send email considered as spamming.

I'm a webmaster and admins for several companies website, and some of them I host at hawkhost, these companies sometimes send promotional emails, and I have told them clearly not to send too many email (promotional or not), with the limit 200 email per day.

And now all of the domainthat  I host at hawkhost can't send email, even is its just one email /day.

And I'm continuously being complained by my clients.


It' been six days and I still haven't received a response from hawkhost


To hawkhost team, please kindly response

and explain to us how many emails per-domain can send in one day, or what types of email considered as spam, so it won't happen again in the future.


here's the header of the message


[#UNZ-402-91667]: Re: Hawk Host - Notification of account modification (SPAM)


Thank you


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I'm assigning your ticket to myself now and will get back to you right away. This should not have taken so long to address and I'm sorry that it did.


You can expect an update from me within the hour, if not sooner. Feel free to PM me for anything else you need.


Edit to my initial reply: It appears we got back to you already and your email privs were restored. That said, the PM offer still stands. You can also submit a new ticket and ask for it to be addressed to me (Brian) and I'll make sure it is handled promptly. Thank you.

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