Anybody sees frequent 10 sec. page delivery delay?


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i'm having a very strange page delivery delay problem. much too often i have to wait around 10 secs to get a response from the server.



- the delay is always very tight around 10 secs - never 8 secs, never 12 secs (see pix)


- the delay happens sometimes every 10th page,  sometimes every 2nd page, no consistency 


- without the super delay, delivery is without problems, around 1 - 2 secs


- even delayed pages have always normal php build times between 0.3 - 0.9 secs 


- strange: while waiting the 10 seconds for a response, a parallel ping is returned 10 times without loss and very tight at 140ms


- after 10 sec the page will always be delivered - no waiting forever, no loss, no reset


- the delay is independent of the page size. the first attached pix shows a "10 second" logout which only sends a redirect but no data


- i didn't get static pages delayed, only php pages (zend framework), but again php build times are always normal. 


- happens with different browsers. first pic: opera. second: chrome


- i'm on wdc006 - requesting in europe.


- other internet access without any delay or problems


see pix below for two delay examples 


whats going on?

anybody else has  delayed pages?







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While it's difficult to say what is going on without specific account details, I know the server you're on was having some performance issues over the past 3~ days which we've addressed and have fixed.


If you're still seeing these issues please submit a support ticket so we can diagnose this specific to your account. Thank you.

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ok. thanx.


will submit a ticket.


currently collecting some performance data with requesting from phoenix.


the problem is not a continental network delay.


and it's persistent. meaning for maybe 10% of php/mysql pages you have to wait 10 secs for a response from the server,  


the php build times for these delayed pages are totally normal in the 0.1 - 0. 8 seconds range    

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