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Once your certificate is actually issued we can install it for you, our support team should have absolutely no problem helping you with that part.


The problem is though when it comes to generating your private key and CSR, those fields require information we can't possibly know (organization, user details, etc) so we have no way of doing that for you. Luckily cPanel makes generating a key and CSR pretty straightforward so once you've done that it is only a matter of filling out the web based form your SSL issuer sends you to complete the configuration.


If you're still having any issues getting your SSL cert going I'm happy to lend a hand if you'd like. Just send me a PM with your ticket ID (if you have one) and I'll grab it personally.

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No extra cost though we'd need to schedule a call during the weekday (please submit a ticket for that). If you can tell me where you're getting stuck / hung up in the process I can help you figure it out I bet. Assuming you ordered the SSL certificate from us I can provide even better assistance. As a shot in the dark here are some quick references:


How to generate your private key / CSR through cPanel:

Configuring your certificate for approval:


Installing your certificate:


Keep in mind you need a dedicated IP to install a cert so you'll need to contact our sales department about that first. Once your certificate is configured and issued we can install it for you as well, you just need to provide us with the cert.


Feel free to PM me about this, or better yet submit a ticket, reference this forum post, and let me know what I can do to help :)

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