Increase in Joomla Hack Activity in 2013


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Hi Folks,


I'm sharing my experiences in hope that it will help another HawkHost user and save them a  lot of time and worry.


I have had 4 different Joomla 1.5 sites attacked since January, all with variations of the same hack.


According the the Joomla community there has been a spike in these 'Hmei7' attacks since January. I found some info here that might be helpful to others with the same problem:


There is info here on how to start the clean up:

Also, once it is cleared up and Joomla updated to 1.5.26 (for those running 1.5) there are three extensions that are useful and cost effective:

JHackGuard (free): protects against common hack attempts.

AdminToolsPro (small subscription required): adds a firewall and automatically blocks IPs etc.

JSecure Lite (free): changes the default Admin login page to something of your choice:

The last one is particularly useful as after installing AdminToolsPro and setting it up to notify me with failed Admin logins I could see that some sites were getting hammered with password guessing scripts. This dealt with that problem immediately.


Hope this helps someone.




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This is some excellent advice.  We see a lot of compromised accounts and lately it's been a lot of Joomla all running versions that are years old.  We try to block a lot of malicious requests every day but mod_security only goes so far without preventing a lot of users from accessing their sites.

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