PHP 5.3 MySQL extension not working?


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Everything was fine when I edited one of my sites yesterday, but this afternoon when I went in to make another tweak I was suddenly confronted with an error claiming that the site couldn't connect to MySQL. This site (a MediaWiki installation), a second MW installation and a WordPress installation all gave me the same sort of error. The WordPress error, for reference:


Your PHP installation appears to be missing the MySQL extension which is required by WordPress.


All of my other sites, including several other WordPress installs, were fine.


A quick poke around with some googling and some phpinfo files showed me that the MySQL extenion does not in fact appear to be activated on those three sites, which were all using PHP 5.3.18 as opposed to the default 5.2.17. I've fixed the problem by adjusting their .htaccess files so that my websites are back on 5.2, and I'll be leaving them that way for the time being since they work fine on that version. But I'm not sure why 5.3 would suddenly lose its ability to connect to MySQL... did something happen? I haven't made any changes on my end recently that should have affected this, at least, and I haven't bothered trying to create any custom php.ini files at all. If it's even possible for me to have affected this in the first place.


Not sure whether anyone else using 5.3 (or 5.4, which I tested and which also gives the same error) is having this problem. I'm curious as to why the MySQL extension would suddenly be disabled (or something), though, since it was fine and my sites worked normally as of 10 PM EST yesterday.

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