Jupiter Bad Drive Replacement [02/10/2009]


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Within the next thirty minutes we will be replacing a bad drive on the Jupiter server. We are doing this as a precaution to problems with this drive yesterday which resulted in us having to reboot the machine and then a bit of work for the drive to be found again. The raid card is currently reporting the drive as healthy but we're not taking any chances. There will be no down time as this server supports the swapping of hard drives while the system is live. Once the drive is replaced we will rebuild the raid array which may cause a higher load than normal on the server but nothing to drastically slow down web sites.

We are very sorry about the lack of notice on this maintenance window. We acted yesterday on the problem and the drive came up fine today. But we're playing it safe in case the drive is faulty it's just not showing up consistently. We'd rather have it replaced now then deal with data corruption further down the line or more problems.

Date: 02/10/2009

Start time (EST): 2:00pm

End time (EST): 4:00pm

Duration: 2 hours

Estimated Down Time: None

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