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Thinking of opening a reseller account with HH.

One of the sites I'm considering is starting a forum. Using either IPB, vB, or MyBB. I've run forums before. So my question is where is the "limit" to when a forum running on a reseller account is in need of being moved to a VPS?

Is it measured in daily page views to the forum? Or concurrent users? I know most forums say there are "X number of users in the last 15 minutes". What would X have to be before it needed to be moved to a different hosting account/plan?

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I think the best measure of any account is page views and not online users or anything of that nature. As for the # it's going to vary server to server as some there is a lot more room for users to use resources. But a general rule 50,000 page views would be a reasonable amount. But it also depends on what you run we've had people hosting forums with 75 users online and we had no idea. The the inverse we had users with just 5 online at any time and they were using half the server resources with a shoutbox.

So basically a forum starting out I doubt you have much to worry about and we'd contact you when we think it's getting to the higher amount of CPU and page views. The big thing about making so you can handle more traffic is not having silly add-ons like shoutboxes which will increase pageviews from say a 1000 a day to 20,000 just due to the fact there is constant refreshing.

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