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Hi Tony. (and everyone else that is reading this.)

Please bare with me with my relatively lack of understanding, but i recently decided to use this service not long ago and are kinda 'confuzzled'. ;)

I just switched from iPage, and also just initiated the transfer of my domain to HawkHost during my initial setup. I fully expect this to take awhile (especially when it is during the weekends), but how do I gain access to my cPanel if the domain is still being pointed to my iPage website? I can't find any IPs that links me to my account in Hawkhost. ^^"

Now i've been reading people crying 'Activate plz!' so perhaps my account isn't activated yet... But I'm staring at my Client Area, and everything seems to be in order, except maybe that my Credit Card still hasn't been charged. (Though it is listed as Paid in the invoice)

This is my order number: 7747978819

Invoice number: 104912

I am expecting to receive a late reply due to being weekends n' all, but I don't mind. ;)

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You should receive an email with further information such as how to access your account without the domain pointing to us currently. As far as users who cry activate plz most ignore emails we send them about issues with their order. Or they provide us with invalid information or things of that nature. If your information is reasonable and order isn't placed from a high risk country we're pretty quick to have you setup.

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