COMPLAINT-Worst Support: Karlos V


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I hope Karlos V. and his supervisor read this because he deserves to get fired. And whoever trained him deserves to get fired too. I usually don't complain on forums and stuff, but this is pretty insulting. Karlos didn't even read my ticket. He just copy and pasted his answer verbatim.

BS like this only encourages me to complain to others avoid using Hawkhost as much as possible. Karlos probably thinks this is a joke and I'm sure he's laughing. But it reflects poorly on a company for hiring jerks like this.

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I'm reading your ticket and the issue appears to be resolved best I can tell. If you purchase hosting from us and need to use FTP you use the cPanel username and password we provide in the account information email. This does not change unless you changed the password at which point we would not know your password but you should. if you don't know the password it can be easily reset via .

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