Venus Migration [01/11/2009] - [01/14/2009]


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We will be migrating the Venus server to various other servers we have in Dallas starting on Sunday January 11th (late in the day). The reason being this server is running older software, has less upgrade options and also no longer has the number of users it used to. Thus it makes sense for us to just spread out the accounts over our much newer servers.

For this move we expect no more than 5 minutes of down time for any site. The reason being we will re-route the IP a site is on once we've moved the site. We are estimating this will take several days to move all accounts on Venus to various servers.

With the migration accounts will be moved onto LiteSpeed powered servers as all our servers in Dallas are now powered by the LiteSpeed web server.

We're sorry about the late notice on this but we do not expect any service interruption at all. If you have any questions about this do not hesitate to contact us.

Start Date: 01/11/2009

End Date: 01/14/2009

Estimated Down Time: less than 5 minutes

Duration: 4 days

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