Chassis Swap [08/24/2012]


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On Friday August 24th between 5:00pm and 8:00pm PDT we will be doing a complete chassis swap of the Tornado server. We're doing this due to continued hardware issues with the system which after swapping some hardware we believe the best course of action is to replace everything but the hard drives to resolve the continued crashes. We estimate the swap will take about an hour which at that time the server will be off line. We must stress this is necessary maintenance as leaving the server in this state will most likely mean further unscheduled downtime.

If you have any questions regarding this maintenance notice please do not hesitate to contact our systems administration department.

Date: 08/24/2012

Start time (PDT): 5:00pm

End time (PDT): 8:00pm

Duration: 3 hours

Estimated Down Time: 1 hour

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