Xenforo vs. VBulletin


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From my personal experience overall vBulliten takes up more resources because it is a bigger script and has a lot more features than Xenforo. However it all depends on Cache, Loads, forum usage etc. And like Cody said, don't install a lot of plugins that are pointless or that you don't plan on using. :)

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With over 200+ modifications, add-ons, skins, template edits, and 3rd party products .... We're running flawlessly.

I imagine the only time we ever could possibly get noticed.... Is when we 1) backup the database 2) rebuild the system cache, which only happens when we install something or change a template.


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Seems vBulletin is getting less and less popular these days. I heard their latest release is really terrible. Its amazing that vB used to be the top software on the market back in the day and now its dwindled down to a mediocre over-priced disappointment. 

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