My all site is down, why?

Ganden Kohkono

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Without knowing what your account is or what server you're on it's impossible to say. We did have a brief issue with the voodoo server this morning which would have caused some connectivity problems for your site(s). I always suggest submitting a ticket directly with our helpdesk team for something like this as we'll be able to reply more quickly than a forum thread and with more details as well :)

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I've noticed that since the downtime my addon domains no longer work. The site folder and content is still in the public_html but going to the addon domain just shows a blank page with the title of 'This site is under devolopment'. Deleting and re-adding the domain in cPanel hasn't fixed the issue. I will make a ticket in a while.

It might be worth the OP and others checking if their add-on domains work if they're on Vodoo.

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