SSL Certificates and Dedicated IPs


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Just had a question about SSL certificates and dedicated IPs.

I already have a SSL certificate and will be bringing it over with me from my old hosting provider. In order to have a SSL certificate on Hawk Host servers, will I be required to purchase a dedicated IP as well? I ask because while shopping around, I've seen some hosting providers require it if using a SSL certificate and others, like Hawk Host, make no mention of such requirement.


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Welcome to the forums :D -- If you were going to be using SSL on your account with us you would require a dedicated IP. The cost of this is $3/mo and it would be billed on the same term as your hosting plan.

Once you've signed up you'll want to submit a ticket with our sales department at -- in that ticket, you'll want to attach or copy/paste your actual SSL cert for verification. Once confirmed we'll get an IP assigned to your account and you'll be able to complete the installation (or our helpdesk can do it for you).

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