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Alex L

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I got bored of paying every month so decided to add some prepay credit to my account to cover three months. As I had a bill due I expected it to take this off automatically but instead I had to pay it like a normal bill and just select to use my credit.

Would it be possible for it to come out of your HawkHost account automatically if you have credit there so I don't have to log on each month?

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When you have a credit on your account our system will automatically use those funds to pay the invoice on the due date. Keeping in mind though our invoices are generated 7 days prior to the due date, what possibly happened here is you saw the invoice generated, saw it wasn't paid via credit and proceeded to pay via credit card.

During your next renewal if you wish to pay via credit again I'd suggest waiting until the actual due date. We also provide a 7 day grace period after the due date before suspension, so if for some reason the invoice isn't paid by your credit you still won't risk your service or uptime.

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