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I did not see a topic for domain, just hosting, so hope it is ok to post here.

Second i searched like crazy in the faq's and support so maybe this is not an option with HH.

I have had several domains over the years. I like HH simplicity and fast response times. My question is this:

Yahoo, GD and others have a section when you purchase a domain to redirect it somewhere.

example i have (no hosting) and I can point it to blogger if i want or my own hosting from my homne server etc..

On HH i cannot find this feature. Does this mean it is not available? Only thing I see are name servers. Ironically I want the new domain to point to a sub directory of my other domain (hosted here at HH). I have one for one biz, and I got antoher domain so i can have the 2nd biz in another folder.

how can I do this?

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With our system if you have only a domain registration we unfortunately do not provide a redirect/DNS service for the domain. You would need to set the nameservers to ours (if you have an account with us, then park the domain on your account and setup a redirect there) or point them to a third party DNS provider which lets you modify your A records. Sorry we don't have this available for you :(

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