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Hi guys,

I am currently hosting my domain in hawk, and a fresher in designing website.

I have done a few works in my site, like using the provided site-software building my site, and also I uploaded wordpress to build my blog, and i wrote few pages/codes for some additional pages.

I just found the / in the server, under my domain, is such a mess; I am saying there are many folders which I did not create. And I decide to write my pages in my own codes rather than using software provided in server (such as frontpage, RVSiteBuilder, ...).

So, my question is how can i clean them up? Or specifically can I rebuild the whole folder by deleting everying thing, or most of them which are NOT really needed in my own.

I want to clean everthing out, and upload my pages, codes, folders, etc.

How can I achieve that?

Thanks, everyone

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We'd need to know what specific directories/files you're referring to but there are a number of directories that must exist under your home directory for the account to function properly. For account security I would advise submitting a ticket at so we can determine the specific files and safely/securely discuss your account details :)

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