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micah sin

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I don't think i have come across any bad reviews of this company so I am hoping it works out for me.

I Currently am on shared hosting with a Simple machines forum

with 120 members on my website total(About 40 members regualrly who post)

8,000 posts

I run an ajax chatbox

The forum is about a month old

and currently the bandwidth usage is 300-500MB per day....though occasionally it may hit about 700-800 MB per day

so at most my site may hit about 25-30GB of bandwidth in amonth.

Would Hawk be a good fit for me?

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The only issue I see is that per our TOS/AUP, chatboxes/shoutboxses are not allowed. While we don't actively search for running shoutboxes often times they'll cause an account to abuse system resources (they're extremely resource intensive) which catches the attention of our abuse team. So you can run it fine for a year without us noticing but if it starts to cause resource issues you'd be contacted and asked to disable it.

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I'm not aware of any ways to reduce the usage on chat scripts and my understanding is that most shoutboxes/chat scripts will use close to the same amount of resources. If you absolutely must have this for your forums I'd suggest finding a host that fully supports them as there is the chance we'll ask you to disable it.

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