Datacenter Power Event [06/24/2007]


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Date: 06/24/2007

Start time (EDT): 2:00pm

End time (EDT): 3:15pm

Services Affected: Power

Location: Localized to SR01

At approximately 2:00pm EST, areas of the datacenter Hawk Host utilizes suffered power interruptions. This was related to a faulty power alarm panel which resulted in automatic shutting down of power. The panel was replaced and power was fully restored at 3:15pm EST. The emergency response team of the datacenter will be onsite throughout the night, however no further issues are anticipated.

Hawk Host personally did not have any servers actually lose power but Mars, Mercury, Venus and several of our dedicated servers customers lost connectivity for about 20 minutes. The reason for losing connectivity was due to switches and routers in that are connected to these machines losing power.

We appreciate your understanding and continued business with Hawk Host.

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