Hardware Migration [01/11/2012] - [01/13/2012]


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Starting on Wednesday January 11th we will be migrating the Voodoo server to new higher end hardware as well as better system configuration. We feel this will benefit all users on the Voodoo server. We estimate this will be completed no later than Friday January 13th.

We expect no more than 5 minutes of downtime per account as we will be moving accounts to the new server then re-routing the IP address to the new hardware. This means there will be no changes to DNS and as a result no dns progation issues. In our experience our migration method means the large majority of users will not even realize that they've switched servers. If you do however run into any issues do not hesitant to contact us as our system administrators are prepared to resolve any issues experienced.

The new Voodoo server will be similar to that of our recent deployment of servers:

Old Voodoo:

Dual Xeon E5520


4x300GB Raid-10

New Voodoo:

Dual Xeon X5675


4x600GB Raid-10

So this is a pretty big upgrade as it will have four additional CPU cores with 8 to the operating system counting hyper threading. It will also be using 600GB disks over 300GB disks of the old system.

Once the migration starts the current Voodoo system will be named oldvoodoo while the new one will become Voodoo this is one thing to keep in mind during the migration.

If you have any questions regarding the maintenance do not hesitate to contact us. Our system administration department is available to answer any questions regarding this.

Start Date: 01/11/2012

End Date: 01/13/2012

Estimated Down Time: less than 5 minutes

Duration: 3 days

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