Scheduled Network Maintenance [11/22/2008] -- WDC


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Date: Saturday November 22nd 2008 (11/22/2008)

Start time: 3:00am CST

End time: 5:00am CST

Devices: cer01.wdc01, cer02.wdc01, fcr01.wdc01

Location: wdc01

Duration: 2 Hours

Services Effected: Public Network, WDC


Datacenter Engineers will be conducting BGP maintenance on Customer Edge

Routers 01/02 and Frontend Customer Router 01 on Saturday, November 22nd

starting at 3:00am CST. While there is no expected downtime, customers may

experience brief packet loss and/or high latency while routes reconverge through

each redundant, edge router. Although we expect these changes to only take

approximately 15 minutes, we have scheduled a maintenance window from

3:00am to 5:00am CST.


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