PHP Upgrades for all servers


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We'll be upgrading all servers PHP 4 version to PHP 4.4.7 tonight which will require a few web server restarts which should not be noticable. We're very sorry about the short notice on this it has just been a common request for us to upgrade and we feel it would be best to upgrade now. Since it does not require any down time what so ever we feel it's not much of a big deal to upgrade.

Now we'll also be upgrading all PHP5 versions to PHP 5.2.3 on Saturday June 16th during the day. Just like the PHP4 upgrade this will result in no down time just a few web server restarts to confirm that PHP 5 is working.

The reason for these upgrades is to patch several PHP holes that have been discovered and as a result patched in these versions.

If you have any questions or concerns about these upgrades feel free to contact support.

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