Page Not Loading Right - Newbie here.... :(


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I'm kinda new to all of this - and somehow I did something wrong when creating my website using the RV wizard, which is very cool by the way!

I got it published and no matter if I use IE or Firefox - the actual webpage is like 1/4 of way down the the screen - it won't go up to the top.... I went through all the options again in the steps to try and fix it - but I obviously did something that I can't see for some reason.

Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this??? Thanks!! :D

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Really hard to say without knowing some more details about your account (domain, page(s) this is happening on, etc) and we'll more than likely need to access your cPanel account / files to debug this. That said, I'd say a ticket would be your best bet for assistance on an issue like this so our guys have full access to everything they need to get it fixed. Please contact us at, let us know the domain and how to replicate the problem, and we'll be more than happy to take a look (if you haven't already!)

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