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On my site, I want to make a way for (registered, but not "power") users to create mailman mailing lists (my site is for a theatre company, I'd like to give this power to show producers so that they can create cast and crew lists, etc.)

Previously, I've used the mailman CLI commands (newlist, add_members, remove_members, etc.) to manage my lists. However, those programs don't seem to be available. I've read that with cPanel installations, they are sometimes available in /usr/local/cpanel/3rdparty/... but they don't seem to be installed there.

The other option that I have is using wget to fake up a post to the mailman webui, but that's pretty ugly and very fragile in the face of changing versions.

Any suggestions would be helpful!

-- pryankster


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I can't think of a solution here the CLI commands really should not be showing up for client user to begin with. The jail shell which we use would block those out as you get a virtual /usr of files we want to be available hence there being no mailman.

I really don't think there is a good way to do this in a more automated fashion. I'm also not sure if it's a good idea to even allow people to make mailing lists it could be abused very easily.

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