W/ HH shared hosting - possible to create new cPanel user?


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Hi everyone :D

First - Let me just say I am very happy and satisfied with HH - anytime I get a chance to let folks know about HH I do.

On to my query: I am working with a friend on a marketing project and I'd like to give them access to 1 addon domain for this project only. This will be longer term than just editing or doing some light work.

With my HH shared hosting account in cPanel, is there a way to create a New User for cPanel for him?

I know I can give him FTP access to just one domain, however isn't that less secure?

I'd just like to keep everything as secure as possible.

Thanks for taking the time to read and consider suggestions as a solution :)


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Hey John -- welcome to the forums! :)

On a shared hosting account it's not possible to create a second cPanel user, you'll only have the primary login. If the partner needs access to any cPanel functions they'd need your primary login. You can provide them an FTP account and restrict their access to a single directory which is what a lot of users do.

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