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Just came across your hosting site, read some reviews and it seems that Hawk Host would make a great choice for me.

I'm currently running two websites on my current host:

Nintendo/Pokemon related blog that is powered by Wordpress.

Nintendo/Pokemon related forum powered by Invision Power Board 3.2

Gaming/General blog powered by Wordpress

These sites are relatively new, so they are low on traffic and members at the moment. I get anywhere from 600-1200 unique visitors each day. The forum consists of roughly 180 members and 6k posts. I can say with confidence that the forum will grow at a fast pace, so I would like to keep that in mind when purchasing a hosting package.

I would also like to know how I go about transferring the domains and everything over?



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Hiya! Welcome to the forums and hopefully soon our services :D

While we can't say for sure without knowing exact bandwidth/space numbers, you should be fine with our basic plan. Now I'm not sure if you require a separate cPanel login for each domain and in the case you do, our reseller plans start at $18.95 which would provide that though it may be more than what you need.

Should a separate cPanel login for each domain name not be a requirement you can start off with our basic shared hosting plan. You can upgrade at any time (should you need to) but it'd make the most sense to start off small and upgrade as needed. We allow you to upgrade plans at any time, without downtime, and just pay the difference between plans so it's a very easy process.

Domain transfers (for the actual domain registration) are $9.95 per domain name and can be handled right when ordering. You'd just need to provide the EPP code for the domain(s) you wish to transfer. Keep in mind you can leave the registration at the existing registrar and just change the nameservers to ours if you wanted.

Phew, enough typing! If you have any other questions either update this forum or feel free to contact our sales department for further help. Cheers!

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