Shared Hosting Accounts Migration [09/19/2011] - [09/21/2011]


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Starting on Monday September 19th we will be migrating Mars shared hosting accounts over to a new shared hosting specific server dal006 with the hostname The reason for this is currently Mars is one of our mixed servers which over the course of 2011 we have been migrating mixed servers to strictly shared or reseller. The one major advantage is once migrated over shared hosting users will have access to the shared hosting specific features that are currently not available on our mixed servers. It also means no longer will reseller users be able to affect services with their user accounts. In this case it will also be a hardware upgrade moving from a Dual Xeon 5520 with 24gb ram and 4x300GB Raid-10 to a Dual Xeon X5670 with 24gb of memory and 4x600GB Raid-10.

Since all our IP addresses are routed to our VLAN's rather than a specific server we can make this migration very seamless. We will migrate data then re-route the IP address over to the new server. This dramatically reduces the chances of data sync issues which are usually associated with server moves due to IP addresses changing. That is not to say it cannot happen but we are available to assist with any issues users may run into if for whatever reason their data does go out of sync. As for any downtime associated with the migration we estimate it'll be about 1 minute at most as we need to remove the IP from the old server and route it to the new one which can take us about a minute.

How the migration will work is we will start migrating users on dedicated IP's first starting on Monday. After that is completed we will move onto users with shared IP addresses. We hope that this entire migration will only last two days we hope but we've created a window of three days.

The only thing to keep in mind is once migrated it is not advised to be connecting to the mars hostname if you currently are. While the data will stay there for now eventually all shared hosting user data will be removed from the Mars server as it will be fully converted to a reseller hosting only server. So make sure to connect to the server once the window has been completed.

If you have any questions regarding the maintenance do not hesitate to contact us. Our system administration department is available to answer any questions regarding this.

Start Date: 09/19/2011

End Date: 09/21/2011

Estimated Down Time: less than 5 minutes

Duration: 3 days

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