AboveNet Maintenance [11/01/2008-11/04/2008]


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Start time (CST):

23:00:00 11/01/2008

23:00:00 11/02/2008

23:00:00 11/03/2008

End time (CST):

07:00:00 11/02/2008

07:00:00 11/03/2008

07:00:00 11/04/2008

Services affected: Dallas/WDC back end 10G Link

Location: Dallas, TX & WDC

Duration: 8 hours each night over 3 nights

AboveNet will be conducting maintenance on the private 10G link between Dallas and WDC starting at the time listed above. This maintenance will not be service impacting in anyway as backup tunnels will be used to re-route traffic.

This maintenance while posted is only going to affect our internal services which sends traffic across the private link. So this potentially will affect the performance of our backup systems and a portion of our DNS system although highly unlikely.

So overall nothing to worry about just private network related maintenance.

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