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Using the applet code (counter/clock) in cPanel is working fine but scrolling the page the applet is very slow to redraw. This problem affects any browser. Can I fix this problem by not using it as applet maybe? ideas?

Unfortunately I personally don't have much experience with the counter/clock applet in cPanel however I suspect the code is a bit legacy / poorly done. Unfortunately since cPanel handles all of that code there is little we can do on that front.

I'd suggest looking into a third party solution - perhaps something such as may suit your needs.

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G'day Cody,

the applet redraw slowness problem is still an unsolved issue since years. The workaround is the code from cPanel version 11.28.93 working on Hawkhost just fine. Below the code for the clock display:

<img src="/cgi-sys/Count.cgi?df=YourFile.dat|display=Clock|timezone=GMT+0900|tformat=24|ft=6|md=5|frgb=100;139;216|dd=A">

the YourFile.dat is only relevant when using as a hit counter

hope it helps someone :)

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