Network Maintenance [08/03/2011 - 08/04/2011]


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Scheduled Maintenance - SEA01 [03 & 04 AUG 2011] [08/03/2011]

Date: Wednesday, August 3, 2011 (08/03/2011)

Start Time: 07:00 AM UTC

End Time: 03:00 PM UTC

Services affected: Public / Private Network

Location: SEA

Duration: 32 hours

* What Work is Being Performed:

As part of our ongoing work to improve overall customer experience and reliability, Datacenter network engineers will be performing maintenance in the Seattle (SEA) facility. Because of the scope of the changes that are planned we will be splitting the work across 2 nights to ensure that the work can be done with the least impact to our customers.

During the first maintenance window the morning of August 3rd from 12:01am Pacific Time (07h01 UTC) to 8:00am Pacific Time (15h00 UTC), we will be replacing the existing CER01/02 distribution routers (Cisco 7600 platform) with new DAR01/02 routers (Juniper MX platform). We will also be migrating all of our datacenter connections to a new dark fiber system that will double the capacity available between our network point-of-presence and our datacenters in Seattle.

During the second maintenance window the morning of August 4th from 12:01am Pacific Time (07h01 UTC) to 8:00am Pacific Time (15h00 UTC), we will be replacing the existing BBR01/02 backbone routers (Cisco 7600 platform) with new routers (Juniper MX platform).

In order to do this change with minimal impact to our customers we will be replacing the routers one at a time. This will allow us to take down one of the redundant routers and unrack it, rack the new router and configure it, and insert it inline. Once we've completed insertion of the new router we will then repeat the process for the second router. We will also be turning up the new connections between our datacenter and network point-of-presence during this time.

* Why This Work is Being Performed:

This new hardware will greatly enhance our capacity and reliability in this market in order to accommodate growing demand on the network.

* How Will This Work Impact Your Service:

Because these routers are deployed as a redundant pair we don't anticipate any measurable downtime. During the maintenance periods there will be traffic re-routing across different parts of our backbone, different ISPs etc. Due to those traffic moves, there may be changes to customer end-to-end latency for public and private traffic. Additionally, there is a remote risk of temporary packet loss or increased latency due to router switching fabric congestion during the duration of the maintenance.

We will have engineers working on site to replace the equipment as well as engineers working remotely to mitigate any potential issues that arise as quickly as possible. It is anticipated that this work will consume all 8 hours of the scheduled window.

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