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Had problems getting joomla ftp to work, anyone have any ideas. the install step 5 would not find my ftp path, and a manual setting did not work either. it acted like it would not be able to login to my ftp server. Maybe because the user name requires at the end????

Extra FTP accounts require Your original cpanel account work with just the username.

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Hey all

Just thought i'd share somthing I've been using for quite a while now.

I know most people here might use an ftp program when uploading files etc to their joomla site (i'm not talking about components or modules) - more like images and other things, so I thought I use something called eXtplorer - which comes in really handy for me.

eXtplorer is an ftp system which you install in the backend of joomla - it then turns your administration panel (when selected from your components of course) into an ftp program. You can then directly from your joomla backend ftp anything you want to your file and folder structure to where your site is installed.

Hope you find this as useful as I do!

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