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Thanks to the help of the Support Staff, I got redmine installed on the server. But now I'm having a problem where my rails app refuses to restart. Although I've clicked stop, it doesn't. The rails app status constantly reads Not Running, even though it clearly is. I need to restart my app to make a new theme show up as a setting and currently cannot. Any assistance is appreciated :)

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Lol, I've used SSH a lot now, coming from knowing the rm -rf * command to using rake and process killing :P

I got the process killed and it's loading fine now. Thanks!

Slightly related, what's the highest maximum version of redmine that can be installed on the Hawkhost servers? I don't want to open myself to known security issues in 0.8.5 and want to upgrade to something like 0.9.6.

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I tried upgrading to 0.9.x and due to whatever is wrong with the ruby setup, it is not possible to upgrade beyond 0.8.7.

You will get the following error when trying to run the command below:


rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV="production"
rake aborted!

undefined local variable or method `version_requirements' for #<Rails::GemDepe


Hope this helps Tony!

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