Scheduled Data Center Maintenance [04/25/2011]


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There is service impacting network maintenance on Monday April 25th 2011. This is necessary network maintenance and will cause most likely an hour of network downtime due to this. This affects just the Falcon servers which is on the newer fcr02 customer facing router. Here is the notice we received regarding this from the datacenter:

Scheduled Data Center Maintenance - FCR02.WDC01 [04/25/2011]

Date: Monday, April 25, 2011 (04/25/2011)

Start Time: 12:00 AM EDT

End Time: 02:00 AM EDT

Services affected: Public Network

Location: WDC01

Duration: 2 hours


Event Summary:

SoftLayer Engineers along with Cisco TAC have identified a faulty component in the FCR02.WDC01 chassis which has prevented the chassis from running in the required redundancy mode. This part is directly integrated into the chassis of the router which will require replacing the entire Cisco 6509-E chassis. Engineers will be required to power down the entire FCR02.WDC01 chassis to perform this replacement. The expected downtime is 1 hour with the maintenance window being scheduled for up to 2 hours.

Start Time: 00:00 EDT

End Time: 02:00 EDT

Expected Duration: 1 Hour

Customer Impact:

During this maintenance, customers will notice a complete loss of connectivity to their servers on the frontend network (public network). Backend network (private network) connectivity will NOT be impacted during this maintenance. While the upgrade duration is scheduled for 4 hours, we only expect around 1 hour of downtime as the router's chassis is replaced and the router is powered on. Again, this will NOT impact the backend network (private network) for customer servers.

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