Raid Maintenance [03/28/2011]


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On Monday March 28th between 9:00am PDT and 12:00pm PDT we're going to be taking the Tornado server down for require raid maintenance for approximately 20 minutes during the window. We've had several drive failures recently and noted a much older raid card firmware version than most of our other machines are running. We're going to be on the safe side and upgrade the firmware of the raid card as well as swapping the failing drive. This will require approximately 20 minutes of down time as the machine needs to be taken down in order to upgrade the raid card firmware. During this window we are also going to upgrade the server to the latest kernel making it unnecessary for it to have another maintenance window in the foreseeable future to upgrade it.

The maintenance window chosen was based on usage trends of the server. During this time it is the least utilized due to the majority of the traffic to this server being overseas. We're sorry about any inconvenience this maintenance window may cause but this is necessary maintenance in order to guarantee long term stability of the server.

If you have any questions about this maintenance window our system administration team are available to answer them via a support ticket.

Date: 03/28/2011

Start time (PDT): 9:00am

End time (PDT): 12:00pm

Duration: 3 hours

Estimated Down Time: 20 minutes

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